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first time users

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First time users


Ubuntu is quite painless to try out. In fact it has been set up so your current operating system will not even be touched on trial runs (using the live cd.)


Heres how:


The first thing you will want to do is download an image (iso image) of the ubuntu live cd, the download page is here. It is quite a large file (700MB) so it will take time, or if you are using dialup or in the situation where it isnt possible to download you can order a live CD here, be warned it will take some time to recieve your CD, and you will have to enter a few personal details, don't worry this will not be abused.


Ok you have downloaded it to your computer, then you will want to burn an ISO image, now don't be confused, this is different to burning the ISO file to the CD/DVD as a file, use a program such as InfraRecorder, and use the burn image option.


The next thing you will want to do is do a checksum, this ensures that the ISO image you have is 100% error free. To do so run C:\Program Files\winMd5Sum  from the command prompt and then open the ISO image you have burnt. Then go here and download the checksum (near the middle/bottom of the page, MD5SUMS, open this and copy the number at the start) and check this against the one that winMd5Sum generated, this should agree 100%, if not download again, or order the CD.


Set your computer to boot from the CDROM

Reboot your computer and when it starts up you will have to hit one of the function keys to enter bios (the actual key changes from computer to computer, so see your manual.) Look for the boot device menu, what you want to do is set the boot device to be the CDROM, once you have managed this you want to get out of bios, saving as you exit.


Pop in the live CD and reboot.


Once the live CD has booted you will want to select the run option (that is until you wish to set it up as a dual boot {as an operating system on the hard disk}).


Have a play around with the live CD to your hearts content.


Note: your computer will seem slow while doing this, this is not an indication of how it will run once set up, it is because its running from the CDROM, not the hard disk.


Up until this this point you have not even touched anything installed on the hard disk.


Have a play around with this for awhile, evaluate ubuntu, asking yourself if this is what you are looking for in an operating system.


Once you are happy that you would like to try out ubuntu you can set it up to dual boot with windows, that way you can still run windows programs.


A guide with images can be found here.


Have fun




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